Australian Domain Name Registration

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Australian Domain Name Registration


The Australian Domain Administration (auDA) has announced that it will provide a shortened domain “Australian Country” which will allow a brand new second-level domain to be used by Australian companies.

The new .au domain name will be the shorted version of the domain. For example, you will now be able to register

As you can see. Their is no longer a .com in front of the name.

It is important to remember that you do not own the domain name, but you own a license to use it. If this license needs to be renewed you should contact your registrar or reseller. Domain name registration is often bundled with cloud-based e-mail so you wont need to purchase additional services.
One of the advantages of registering a domain name on behalf of your company or business is the ability to hire a third party such as a website developer to register your domain name and also build your new company website. This is very useful as it gives you access to a one stop shop for all your new company website needs.

Australian domain name registration prices differs from registrar to registrar. Some will also provide free additional services such as email and url forwarding. This gives you complete control over your domian name and allows you to make your domain name automatically redirect to any other website that you choose.
This is helpful if you already own another site and you want to advertise it with a different name. Email forwarding also means that you can create a domain based email address such as and have that address forward all emails to any email account that you choose. You may want to forward your domain email to an existing gmail, yahoo or hotmail account.
Some registrars also provide free domain and DNS management with gives you further advanced control over your domain name. With the ability to modify DNS information so you can actually host your own website from a computer in your own home.

One top domain registrar who provides cheap domain name registration in Australia is “Domain Registration DNS”
We have chosen to mention this domain registrar because of the amount free services that are supplied with every domain name registration.

The free services offered are

1. Free Advanced Anycast DNS Servers
2. Free URL Forwarding/Domain Redirection
3. Free Email Forwarding
4. Free DNS Zone Management without the need for a web hosting account
5. Free Domain Privacy


Other Top Australian Registrars

Melbourne I.T
Ventra IP
Crazy Domains
Aust Domains
Dream I.T Host



A domain name can be registered for 10 years or more, but the typical term is at least one year.
For Australia .au domain names the minimum registration period is 2 years.



The Australian domain name system offers many different .au extentions.

Below is a list of different domain extentions you can register within Australia


Common Australian Domain Name Extentions.


Australian Domain Names
.au (New)


Other registration companies can be used to registrer Australian domain names. However many of them are actually owned by overseas companies such as go-daddy. We strongly recommend you consider using a 100% Australian owned an operated company.

It is also worth noting. Before you can register your own address you first must have an ABN number. This is a rule and guideline set by that Australian Domain Administration (auDA)
The new shorted .au address wont require an ABN number. But you must be able to prove you are a resident of Australia.

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