Melbourne web developer builds a News website to help local school students pratice journalism.

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A local web developer in Wyndham Shire has built and designed a new News website at his own personal expense to help high school students based in and around the Werribee and Hoppers Crossing area practice the fine art of journalism.
Schools in the area have been contacted and notifed via email of the new and amazing opportunity to write and publish local news, events, and other stories. The articles written by school students will then be uploaded and advertised on the new Werribee News website designed specifically for young students to feel like real life journalist.

The site site was also developed by the owner of the Australian technology news website which was launhed mid 2021 and is editied by the same team.

The new website was lauched this week and the operator is now prepairing for a large influx of new local news articles to be submitted via the sites editorial email address. This sites backend was developed using the famous wordpress and self hosted on a personally build web server with a high speed internet connection.
That being said ,without meantioning specific names at this point the owner of the site is well known to us here at Private I.T and we wish him the very best of luck in this great community oritented project.

The local News Paper Wyndham | Star Weekly has also been invited to join this new community project.

Anyone interested in reading local news articles created by inspiring young journalist can visit and read new, fresh and interesting information about whats happening around the Wyndham at the address below.

The Werribee News :

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